QH Plus thi công lắp đặt nhôm kính cho siêu thị Vinmart

QH Plus has completed construction and erection aluminum glass for Vinmart in district 07

Opened in May 2017, Vincom+ Nam Long with an area of ​​1000m2 is truly a "New Paradise of entertainment, shopping, entertainment and cuisine" in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh...

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QH PLUS, The supplier of structural steel for super high-rise building “LANDMARK 81”

Landmark 81 Tower in the Vinhome Central Park complex has become the tallest tower in Vietnam and one of the 10 tallest buildings in the world. Inspired by the traditional...

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Top 10 outstanding building steel fabrication factories in Vietnam

Nowadays, steel frame fabrication is becoming a preferred method of construction thanks to its outstanding advantages over traditional concrete construction methods. The method of steel fabrication housing meets the demand...

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A 5-storey office building with an area of over 1000m2 had been completed in 7 months

Normally, it takes about 7 months to complete a 5-storey office building with an area of over 1000m2, but with the construction of steel fabrication you only take less than...

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