A 5-storey office building with an area of over 1000m2 had been completed in 7 months

Normally, it takes about 7 months to complete a 5-storey office building with an area of over 1000m2, but with the construction of steel fabrication you only take less than...

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lưới thép hàn tại công trường

Welded wire mesh specification

Welded wire mesh has more advantages than conventional wire mesh, so many contractors are highly appreciating for its efficiency and applying to most construction works.Welded wire mesh is made from...

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Top 20 beautiful Pre-engineered houses sample

Pre-engineered houses are becoming the preferred method of construction because of its outstanding advantages over conventional reinforced concrete. In particular, pre-engineered steel frame homes are not strange to many people;...

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QH Plus chuyen gia cong Kingpost

QH Plus supplies Kingpost for The One complex Centre Project

Located on No.1, Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, The One Complex Centre is one of projects of Bitexco Group, in which including shopping area, office for rent, hotel and...

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Welded mesh is a best replacement to reduce cost and labor

Welded mesh is a best replacement for manual way of fastening rods. Since welded mesh is manufactured from high strength cold steel wire, welded joint is stronger. Beside, contractors consider...

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Bu long neo SYT ung dung thi cong he gian giao

Apply SYT insert in executing scaffolding at The Krista apartment

To build any constructions, contractors consider scaffolding as important components. Safe scaffolding brings the safety for entire of construction. Any problem related to scaffolding causes many risks to human and...

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Bu long treo PTD ung dung thi cong he tran Co dien

Why do Japanese contractors use PT insert as replacement in executing M&E system?

Drilling M&E system and using drop-in is a common method in Vietnam. However, in Japan this method had been replaced by PT insert for almost all buildings. To Japanese investor, drilling ceiling...

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Ong noi thep va dich vu tao ren

Q-Coupler and thread rolling service

Coupler is common method and it is used in executing by the majority of Vietnamese contractors. Coupler has many advantages compare to traditional methods; in which saving time and cost is outstanding...

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