Rebar steel

Since its inception, QH Plus has been involved in trading a variety of steel products manufactured by reliable partners in Vietnam, South Korea and Japan, ensuring stable supply, competitive price and international standard such as JIS, ASTM.

Round bar 
  Item codeRB
  Dimension (mm)
 D  6 ~ 120
  Length (mm)L  1000 ~ 12000
  SpecificationS35C, S45C, SM15C, SS400

Deformed bar
 Item codeDB
  Dimension (mm)
D  10 ~ 140
  Length (mm)L  11700

SD390, SD490, TCVN 
(CB300V, CB400V, CB500V)

Wire rod
 Item codeWR
  Dimension (mm)

CB240T, JIS G3505 
(SW RM 10, SW RM 15)