Steel building

QH Plus is a prestigious manufacturer and supplier of high quality structural steel accessories with large amount, which can be used to build pre-engineered steel buildings quickly and cost-effectively.

Some of the components are directly produced by QH Plus for structural steel construction include:
- Anchor bolt, M & E suspension bolt, bolt and   nut,...
- Welded mesh, welded  coupler,...
- Thread  rod,  purlin, shearstud,....

With many useful and flexible features, structural steel is widely used in many types of building construction, such as:

* Public Construction: 
Steel fabrication is the main frame for large constructions, which require high durability such as: industry building, factory, oil refinery, gas plant (Industry construction), trading center - supermarket complex, office building, stadium, cultural house (Civil construction)

*Construction support system: 
Steel fabrication used as a bracing system (support for underground contruction), scaffolding system (support for large-scale projects, high buildings,...) such as bridge construction,...

* Shoring System: 
Steel shoring system is a temporary structure supporting for basement construction, repaired and replaced build- ing and preventing landslide.

* Steel Core:
Steel fabrication is located in the inner wall of super-highrise buildings to resist strong winds, vibration, etc,...

* Kingpost: 
Kingpost is also known as steel bearing bar/supporting piles for basement construction of highrise building. King- post is usually a combination of steel bars, in some case it is formed with H-shaped steel, support for Top-Down construction method based on customer’s drawings.

* Steel lintel: 
For many big door structure, steel fabrication is the best choice for making door beam because of its effectiveness and convenience. x

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