QH Plus supplies Kingpost for The One complex Centre Project

Located on No.1, Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, The One Complex Centre is one of projects of Bitexco Group, in which including shopping area, office for rent, hotel and apartment. The One has been built according to semi To-down technology to shorten building progress.

Top-Down method permit contractor build underground basements are built by bottom-up method and super-structure floors are constructed sequentially from the bottom. The top-down method helps contractors reduce construction time significantly.

In Top-Down method, Kingpost has been used as pillar support in implement. Kingpost has been manufactured from steel plate which is cut, welded and beveled,… After completing projects, kingpost located at pillar support, will be used as core of steel structure. If kingpost has been settled at others area, it will be removed.

Being one of prestige partner in providing steel fabrication for many big contractors, QH Plus supplies Kingpost (400 tons) for entire of the One project. With the modern machines such as: robot welding system, beam assembling machine,…QH Plus enable to supply a large of quantity and meet sophisticated requirements from customers.

Kingpost of QH Plus at The one project 

QH Plus cung cap kingpost cho cong trinh The one

QH Plus gia cong Kingpost chuyen nghiep

QH Plus lap dat kingpost tai The one