Steel Structure

Steel Structure - Future of Building Industry

You want to save costs for big projects?

You want to save construction time for fatories and industrial area? 

This is the best ideal solution for you, with lower costs and faster construction time - Steel Structure



We often hear of "Steel Structure" when we talk about construction field, especially in those projects which have enormous scale and height. But few people understand the meaning of this phrase, so what Steel Structure means?

It is the metal structure which is made of structural steel components connect with each other to carry loads and provide full rigidity. Steel structure are wildly used in building industry, especially in large-scale construction (such as pre-engineered buildings) due to its advantages.

nam hung factory

Nam Hung Factory Project

sightseeing tower landmark 81

Vinhomes Central Park Sightseeing Tower Project

Because of the advantages that steel structures bring to its users, it's especially become wildly trusted by design engineers for almost every project. If you are in need of utilities that this type of construction provide, you should understand its advantages and disadvantages.

steel structure advantages


- High bearing capacity and high reliabitily: Steel structure is very hard to deform during usage time.

- Simple structure, weight lighter than concrete.

- Easy to transport, construction and repair.

- High industrialization.

- Sealed, watertightness.

- Cost savings: due to simple steel frame structure, time and construction cost as well as repair and maintenance costs are reduced.


qh plus steel structure advantages


- Can be affected by impact of environment and temperature... Therefore, the construction projects using steel structure are often covered by protective, anticorrosive paintings.

- Poor fireproof

- The price quite high compared to other raw meterials like woods, iron,... 

advantages and disadvantages of steel structure

Now you must understand clearly the answer for the question "what is steel structure" and its advantages, disadvantages. So let's see how the steel structure is in pratical uses!