Steel Structure General Applications

Nowadays, steel structure has many applications across a wide range of industries construction, manufacturing, transport,… it is highly durable, corrosion – resistant, tensile and affordable. It is wildly use in construction in Vietnam and all over the world. Below listed are few applications in different industrial sectors of structural steel:

==> What is Steel Structure?

1. Big Constructions:

Because of its properties such as rigidity and high strength to weight ratio, structural steel is mainly use in big constructions like tower, skyscraper, huge building, railway station, airport and sport stadium. Moreover, all buildings constructed by steel structure are more resistance, accommodate with natural conditions, climate change or earthquake.

Skyscraper, Big Building

The best solution for constructors must be strutural building. To overcome some weeknesses of tradictional constructions, steel structure is wildly use not only in vietnam but also in the world.

landmark 81

hệ spire landmark 81Spire System of Landmark 81 project have perfectly done by QH Plus


burj khalifaBuji Khalifa - Dubai, record building of the world with $1.5 billions investment

Railway Station, Airport

railway station

airport steel structure

steel structure famous station


birdsnest stadium

Bird's Nest Stadium - Beijing, China built using a total of 110,000 tons of steel

2. Industrial Constructions:

Warehouse, Industrial Factory

Structural steel design of warehouse or factory is very flexible, easy in install, upgrade, maintain and always meet the needs of customers: resistance, affordable cost, some constructions are also very aethestic and high applied.

ứng dụng kết cấu thép

ứng dụng kết cấu thépVinFast Automobile Assembly Plant

Office Building

tòa nhà văn phòng qh plus

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3. Civilian Construction:

Crossover Bridge

crossover brigde

crossover brigde

Structural Steel House

steel structure house

nhà có kết cấu thép

Public park and utilities

Steel Structure not only for construction but also for create some art works, utilities in the public park for everyone to use and enjoy.

singapore park

Garden by the Bay, Singapore

Vinhomes Central Park Utilities done by QH Plus

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Sport Stadium in-house such as tennis, basketball,… also use curve steel structure to build.

sân tập thể thao

Garage or Parking Lot

Nowadays, garage or parking lot are fastly increase based on demand and large population, to save space and area as much as possible, floored-garage is the best choice for parking thousands vehicles at the same time. Moreover, stability and high strength of steel are always better than those build by cement.

4. Huge Bridge Projects:

With the properties of steel, they are used when building large bridges, withstand very high loads and safety for people. Steel structures bridges also have very high aesthetics.

golden gate bridgeGolden Gate Bridge - Top famous bridge built with steel structure

cầu cao lãnh

cầu vòm cống

Cao Lanh & Vom Cong Bridges - two projects used QH Plus materials

Having thousands of applications of steel structure, QH Plus is proud to be one of the best units to supply materials for large and small scale projects. With product quality and prestige of the company, QH Plus believes that in the future, we will cooperate with more construction units to build more modern and durable works from steel.

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