Top 10 outstanding building steel fabrication factories in Vietnam

Nowadays, steel frame fabrication is becoming a preferred method of construction thanks to its outstanding advantages over traditional concrete construction methods. The method of steel fabrication housing meets the demand of fast construction and low cost but does not affect the quality and durability of the building.

Advantages of building steel fabrication:

High applicability: steel fabrications of industrial houses can be applied in the construction of factories, warehouses, office buildings, houses ...; thanks to the flexible features of the fabrication process, the steel fabrication houses can be easily repaired, upgraded or replaced.

Low cost: the total cost for constructing prefabricated building is less than half that of traditional concrete method because of the lightweight frame structural, which does not require a high cost for the foundation, brings high economic efficiency for the works.

- Short execution time: the components are manufactured at the factory, then transferred to the site and assembled together based on the steel structure plan to shorten the construction time and human resources, also bring high economic efficiency.

High durability and low cost of maintenance: the steel columns are coated with protective coating to minimize the impact of the environment that affect the quality of materials. Due to its light weight, the structure of the steel fabrication is very firm and resistant to seismic and wind. The life-span of steel structure workshops can be up to 50 years, in addition, structural components of steel fabrication are reusable.

Some steel fabrication constructions processed and installed by QH Plus:

nha may Hoa Sen Ha Nam

Hoa Sen Ha Nam Factory 

nha m ay Nam HungNam Hung Factory

Ben trong nha may Nam Hung

Nam Hung Factory

Nha  may Cong ty QH Plus

QH Plus Factory 

nha may QH Plus Phu My

Hoa Sen Phu My Factory

nha may Steel Builder

QH Plus Phu My Factory

nha may Intimex Đak Mil

Intimex Đak Mil Factory

Nha may Ba  Son Cai Mep

Ba Son Cai Mep Factory

Nha may Maple Tree

Maple Tree Warehouse

Hoa Sen Phu My Factory

 nha may Hoa Sen Phu My

Hoa Sen Phu My Factory

Nha may Intimex Bao Loc

Intimex Bao Loc Factory