Pre-engineered Building

“Pre-engineered steel buildings” (PEB) are those which are fully fabricated in the factory after designing, shipped to construction site to install in the short period of time.
* PRIMARY  FRAME: Primary members are the main load carrying and support members. The main frame members include columns, rafters and other supporting members. The shape and size of these members based on the application and requirements. The frame is erected by  bolts.
* SECONDARY FRAME: Secondary structural framing refers to purlins, girts, eave struts, wind bracing, flange  bracing and other miscellaneous structural parts.
* ROOF & WALL PANELS: It comprises of roof & wall panels. They contribute for the aesthetic of pre-engineered building.

- REDUCED CONSTRUCTION TIME: All components have  been  produced  in  factory  and  shipped to construction site. Members of system are erected by bolts, so the construction time is reduced significantly. It can reduce total construction time on a project by at least 2/3 in compared with concrete building.

- LOW-WEIGHT: The weight of pre-engineered building is lighter than concreate building, thus system load has been reduced. Besides, the low-weight system offers higher resistance to seismic forces.

SAVING COST: With the low-weight of system, the structural elements of foun- dation are the simple design, easy to construct and lighter weights. Moreover, erection time is short, it helps to reduce labor cost.

LARGE CLEAR SPANS: With large  spans compared with concrete   building, pre-engineered building can be used with many applications: supercenter, exhibition center, airport, stadium, ....

FLEXIBILITY OF EXPANSION: All elements are connected by bolts; the end plates of connecting sections have been designed beforehand. So, building can be easily expanded in length by adding additional components. Therefore, cost will be cut.

DURABILITY & LOW MAINTAINANCE: All elements are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions, the quality is assured. Then they are coated with high quality paint. Thus, pre-engineered building has long durable  and low maintenance  cost.

INDUSTRY CONSTRUCTION: Factory, warehouses, cold storage, steel rolling mill, assembly plant,  ...

AGRICULTURE   CONSTRUCTION: Greenhouse, farm, fertilizer factory, ...

TRADING CONSTRUCTION: Exhibition center, supermarket/hypermarket, shopping mall, restaurant, commercial complex, petrol station, ...

PUBLIC  CONSTRUCTION: Hospital, school, airport, stadium,…

AMUSEMENT PARK: Sports centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, ...

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