Produce & install aluminium & glass

lap dat nhom kinh

For every order, our engineer and technician will use software specializing in aluminum and glass industry to calculate the structure and design in order to maximize the safety and minimize the tolerance and then transfer data to production department. At here, workers will use CNC Control Double Mitre Saw; Alu-alloy Auto Feeding Corner Key Cutting Saw….to product aluminum frame. Furthermore, we also have molds and machines to produce all aluminum items.

Separate aluminum items will be combined by our skilled workers with Automatic Feeding Double Corner Crimping Machine in order to provide customer with the best quality products.

To QH Plus Aluminum & Glass Corporation, the products qualification is our first priority, that’s why we applied quality controll in every step of production line: design – production – installation. We focus on installation process at construction site to ensure the safety and the aestheticism of the construction.

In addition, during the installation process at construction site, we commit to:
   - Keep the project deadline
   - Ensure occupational safety and environment health

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