Slitting service

Besides shearing service, QH Plus also provides slitting service with automated machine to ensure any strict requirements from the customers.

Coiled steel is high quality, imported from prestigous manufactures such as: Korea, Japan. End products have been checked and weighed before packing. 

slitting service

Mini slitting lines:
  Thickness (mm)  0.3 ~ 2.3    
  Width of mother coil (mm)  150 ~ 400
  Weight of mother coil (ton)  10 max
  Width of slitted coil (mm)  11 ~ 400

slitting product

Slitting lines:
  Thickness (mm)  0.3 ~ 4.0
  Width of mother coil (mm)  300 ~ 1650
  Weight of mother coil (ton)  25 max
  Width of slitted coil (mm)  35 ~ 1850

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